Sylvester is employed by the Endependence Center, Inc. in Norfolk, VA where he is the Coordinator for the agency’s Ticket to Work Program funded by the Social Security Administration and works as an Early Intervention Specialist at the Urban League of Hampton Roads. He is also an Independent Employment Consultant/Trainer addressing the specific employment needs for People Living with HIV. He is trained as a Community Work Incentive Coordinator through Virginia Commonwealth University. Sylvester has many years of experience as an Advocate and Activist including working for several major labor unions as a Labor Organizer assisting union members fight for better wages and employee friendly work environments.
His work in the HIV/AIDS arena began in 1998 when he worked as a Health Educator for the Economic Opportunity Health Center in Miami, FL. Sylvester became an Instructor Trainer for The American Red Cross African American HIV Community training program where he trained members the African American community on how to deal with specific issues endemic to HIV in black community. In 1999 he became the Coordinator of HIV Services for the Greater Miami & the Keys Chapter of the American Red Cross. In this role he was responsible for fostering dialogues and partnerships between the African American, Haitian and Latino HIV communities.
Sylvester is a Peer Educator at Eastern Virginia Medical School/AIDS Resource Center, a TCQ Plus Trainer through the Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation and a Trainer for The Building Leaders of Color program through NMAC. He is a member of the Norfolk, VA TGA Part A Clinical Quality Management committee, serves as Co-chair of the Virginia Quality of Care Community Advisory Committee and is a member of the Virginia Community HIV Planning Group. He is the Senior Deacon at Suffolk Christian Fellowship Ministry and Co-Manager of the ministry’s Outreach Center.


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