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The NWPC Research Working Group promotes the practice of research for the development, facilitation, implementation and evaluation of strategies and interventions addressing the employment needs of people living with or at greater vulnerability to HIV.


  • Advance research on HIV, vocational development, and employment

    • Validate instruments and define key constructs for HIV and employment research

    • Evaluate program outcomes, employment transitions, and HIV health outcomes

    • Expand the understanding of vocational development and employment as social determinants of health

  • Support interdisciplinary collaboration to address relevant questions

    • Discuss current HIV and employment research findings, challenges, and opportunities

    • Update key research information on the NWPC web site (research abstracts, bibliography, links)

    • Host monthly meeting to discuss research

  • Inform HIV care and prevention policy development

    • Provide input and recommendations to policy makers and stakeholders

    • Promote effective service models and practices


HIV and Employment Bibliography

Bibliography by Area

Topic Areas:

  • Conceptual models for HIV & employment services

  • HIV & employment policies

    • Work requirements (Medicaid/Medicare, SNAP, HUD housing programs)

  • Employment services

    • Service models

    • Outcomes

    • Program evaluation

  • Health, employment, and employment services

  • Mental health & employment

  • Employment and key populations

    • LGBTQ

    • African American

    • Latino/Latina/Latinx

    • Women

    • Intravenous drug users

  • Workplace issues

    • Workplace discrimination

    • Accommodation

    • Disclosure

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