Medical Issues


Razzano, L. A., & Hamilton, M. M. (2005). Health-related barriers to employment among people with HIV/AIDS. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 22, 179- 188.

This article describes that with the advent of more advanced treatments and therapies, people with HIV/AIDS are experiencing significant improvements in physical and mental health, making many of their ongoing career goals more realistic. However, many people with HIV/AIDS who are unemployed but would like to work continue to have major concerns regarding the impact of employment on their benefits and entitlements. In addition to issues regarding potential financial hardships, many people living with HIV/AIDS express uncertainty related to their health status, and they worry that some working conditions could deleteriously affect their health. The present evaluation focuses on two major issues identified in previous research: health perceptions and sources of insurance and health benefits. In addition, the study utilizes a standardized instrument, the MOS-HIV Scale, designed specifically to characterize aspects of health and well-being among people with HIV/AIDS.