Research Working Group

The National Working Positive Coalition Research Working Group seeks to become the premier international resource for the employment issues of persons living with HIV/AIDS.


The NWPC Research Working Group promotes the practice of research for the development, facilitation, implementation and evaluation of strategies and interventions addressing the employment needs of PLWHA.


  1. Support research endeavors in the area of HIV/AIDS employment
  2. Validate instruments and define key constructs for HIV/AIDS employment research
  3. Discuss current HIV/AIDS employment research findings and challenges
  4. Post key research information to the NWPC web site (bios, research abstracts, links, bibliography) and review content on a quarterly basis to ensure material is accurate and current
  5. Provide support to new scholars in the field to promote high quality HIV/AIDS employment research
  6. Provide leadership in HIV/AIDS employment policy initiatives
  7. Identify and investigate emerging issues in HIV/AIDS as they relate to employment


HIV/AIDS and Employment Research Bibliography

Abstracts of Research Manuscripts

Special Issues of Journals Related to HIV & Employment:



Liza Conyers, Chair

Brent Braveman
Karen Escovitz
Kenneth C. Hergenrather
Betty Kohlenberg
Dave Martin
Mark Misrok
Lisa A. Razzano
Jeffrey Rindler
Meredith W. Watts

Primary Contact:

Liza Conyers
Penn State University
313 CEDAR Building, CNED, CNPSY, and REHAB
University Park , PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-6115