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Disclosing HIV Status in Employment
Disclosure of HIV status is a complex issue to be decided by the person living with HIV/AIDS, most often during job interviews and when asking for accommodations. Knowing the applicable laws and thinking the decision through prior to a discussion enable the person with HIV/AIDS to make an informed choice about what and how much to say.


Asking for Accommodations under the ADA, Kohlenberg, B. (2004)


GMHC Treatment Issues, March/April 2004 Volume 18, Number 3/4
This issue of GMHC's publication from March/April 2004 is devoted entirely to the issues of considering work while living with HIV/AIDS. It includes these articles:

Working Positive
Learning to really live with HIV

Looking for Support
Growing number of programs assist transition to work

Employment plus support shows success in Philly

Mapping a Future
Examining the issues before making the leap

Work FAQ
So, what's up with work?

Fear of Failing
We can improve medical safety net coverage

New-Fill Near
FDA advisory panel recommends approval for facial wasting

Why Work?
Karen Escovitz makes the case