NWPC Activities

Research Working Group
The NWPC Research Working Group promotes the practice of research for the development, facilitation, implementation and evaluation of strategies and interventions addressing the employment needs of PLWHA.

Policy and Advocacy Working Group
The NWPC Policy and Advocacy Working Group works to advance public policies that both support individuals with HIV/AIDS who are considering and/or seeking employment and sustain support during employment.

Employment Programs and Service Approaches Working Group
The NWPC Employment Programs and Service Approaches Working Group will gather and disseminate information and materials to support best practices for employment and vocational rehabilitation service programs for people living with HIV/AIDS. (This Working Group is not currently active.)

Materials Working Group
The Materials Working Group will be starting the project of gathering best practices information. This Working Group's mission is to develop user-friendly, current educational and informational materials about the nexus of HIV and work, the content of which is consistent with NWPC's mission and values, for a variety of stakeholder audiences.

Education and Outreach
NWPC members provide information about current practices, policies, research and programs to conferences of policy makers, professional service providers, and people living with HIV/AIDS. Go to the Accomplishment section to see where the NWPC has provided information about employment and HIV.