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The National Working Positive Coalition is a coalition of individuals living with HIV, service providers, researchers, and advocates who are committed to improving the financial and personal wellbeing of individuals living with HIV and AIDS. To achieve this goal we (a) promote research to better understand the financial needs and complex challenges facing individuals with HIV; (b) promote the development and evaluation of effective practices in employment services and (c) advocate for work options and access to financial resources that are most consistent with the personal and health needs of individuals living with HIV.

As a coalition, our main goal is to connect individuals who are interested in the economic advancement of people with HIV so that we can share resources and knowledge and collectively have a greater impact on achieving our goal of improving educational, vocational and employment opportunities for people with HIV.

The NWPC invites anyone interested in the issues of employment for people living with HIV/AIDS to use our site resources and to join any of our active workgroups on Research, Employment Programs and Service Approaches, or Policy and Advocacy. As we continue to develop and grow we welcome the contributions of others who share similar interests and values. Please CONTACT US if you would like to get involved.

While we are not able to provide individual employment, vocational rehabilitation, or benefits counseling, we have and will continue to provide resources and contact information for professionals who provide direct services in different parts of the country. Please go the RESOURCES page to find information resources and local service providers.